Is this loverly or what? It's very rich, with the red, caramel and gold tones — tones that also make it perfect for fall. It reminds me of the turning leaves, of apples pumpkins atop a bale of hay at the orchard, of perfect sunsets. The polymer clay pendant has been polished and sealed with a gloss, giving it a very glasslike appearance (at first, I thought it was glass). A gold-tone rolo chain sets the pendant off beautifully, and this is a one-of-a-kind piece. $24 from JanZio, who I initially found through Flickr and this beautiful piece, one I thought would go wonderfully with the dress featured yesterday. Wonderful, isn't it?

Sorry I've been non-chatty this week - I sprained my wrist, making it hard to type. That hasn't stopped me from spending today priming and painting our front door, priming the garage door, and priming one kitchen wall and slapping the final 2 paint selections on that wall, too. The front door looks terrific, and it feels good to have THAT done, but it began sprinkling, preventing me from taking care of the garage door as well.

We also purchased two apple trees over the weekend - Empire and Stayman - and planted one. The other will have to go in the dirt within the next few days. Interestingly, Stayman trees have sterile pollen, meaning they can be pollinated by other apple trees (apples are not self-pollinating), but their pollen can't work with other trees. We were unaware of this fact when making our purchase, but the neighbors across the street have two apple trees in their backyard, so we should be good. What bee is so lazy she won't fly across the street for some good pollen (they'll fly up to a mile, so we aren't worried)? I'm very excited about the apple trees - it's something we both wanted, but me especially.

We also (finally!) have pumpkins on the porch. Had I not sprained my wrist, I'd have grabbed a couple more at the store yesterday - I love pumpkins, not to mention the yummy seeds that come out of them.

Have a great night!

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Hi - just stumbled on my necklace in your blog - Thanks!


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