Fun Fridays: Earth Angel

I stumbled across this tee hoping that another treat would be back in stock (it's not). This black American Apparel tee has been screenprinted with angel wings on the back - no need to run around in underwear from a certain lingerie shop with gigantic, unwearable, can't-get-to-the-barista wings strapped to your back (much less drive!). Slip this comfy girly tee on over your favourite skirt or pants and enjoy the chuckles and grins you're bound to inspire.

(Wouldn't this be a great item for an all-female choir to wear? Just my own opinion, of course.)

Available in sizes from XXSmall to Extra large. $24 from Miss Misa. Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Pattie Donham said...

I'm crazy about this angel wing design. I really love it, and think that is is a very humorous way for us to show our creativity and feminine attitude. Thanks so much for sharing! pattiewack

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