Another Two-For-One Monday

Yes, yes, because surely you missed me so very much, you get two treats for one visit today. Lucky you, dahlings! We spent the weekend working here; Hubby did more sanding & joint compound-spreading and I painted our kitchen. The bedroom still isn't much to look at (read: plain drywall and another layer of joint compound), but the kitchen? It went from a rather unsettling shade of butter yellow to a beauuuuutiful shade of robin's egg-ish turquoise. This means our kitchen is halfway done, since all that's left is to paint the cabinets white and put up a cheery backsplash in a pretty shade of green. Hooray! I love to cook — love to cook — so having the kitchen done will tickle me about sixteen lovely shades of pink.

All right, on to the fashion. Two finds for you today, both requiring a small amount of aplomb and courage to wear for some, I suppose, but I think both are great pieces. First up is this merry melon pink fitted vintage suit. First of all, it's a wearable size, what seller Blue Velvet Vintage consiers a large (jacket is 42-36 and the skirt is 33-44). It's wool or wool blend, so if you treat it well it'll last for year, and features snappy pointed French cuffs and a kick pleat in the back of the skirt.

What I really like, though, is the flattering cut — feminine without being childish and with a beautiful curved yoke in front. The yoke is accented by two small rhinestone buttons. See it in that close-up there? Isn't that a great touch? Just beautiful. The front pockets mirror the curve for a pulled-together look. The label inside this vintage wool or wool-blend suit read "Talle Maide Original" and "The Crystal Room, Loveman's, Chattanooga", and the suit is only $95. Trust me, you're not going to find a pretty cut on a long-lasting classic suit like this anywhere for under $100 unless you hit the gold mine at your local thrift shop.

Something else I couldn't resist was this gorgeous, dreamy 1940s velvet coat. Putting this beauty on would make me feel like a glamour queen, and I could probably confidently meet anyone in the world while wearing this, knowing I looked lovely and charming and put-together, even if it was snowing madly outside. Wouldn't it make you feel the same? (I'm tempted put the PayPal account in lockdown until I stop hyperventilating over this coat.)

Lined in satin with hidden side seam pockets, this dramatic coat is made of black velvet cut into a New Look style, with princess seams in the bodice leading to the gored skirt. The cape collar adds to the striking appearance of this coat, and two velvet buttons finish it off beautifully. The label reads "J. Klienfeld and Sons, First in Fashion, Brooklyn", and the $185 coat is 38-30 with open hips and is 43" long. As Blue Velvet recommends, you're going to want to be a bit smaller in order to wear this comfortably over your clothing.

Both available from Blue Velvet Vintage, home of real and repro vintage wonderfulness.

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Love that coat!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

Isn't vintage clothing just dreamy? Love that coat too :)

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