Acorn Earrings

Well, these are very fun, and it's not a Friday, but it is Reformation Day and Halloween, so I'll keep it light (that, and the crumb-crunchers start their trick-or-treating in under 10 minutes). Besides, acorns are imbued with and symbolic of life, not to mention quite the treat for squirrels and deer (like the trio of deer who eat our oak tree's acorns), so these green pearl acorn earrings are quite apropos, don't you think?

They really do look like green acorns, but they're really green freshwater pearls that have been capped with a sterling silver bead cap. Very cute, very fresh, very fun, and quite pretty from Mary and Jane. $24.

Have a great night! Many of my friends are looking forward to passing out goodies or taking their own kidlets out to score some treats tonight, and our basket of candy & miniature Play-Doh is waiting by the door as I type. See you tomorrow, and watch out for those vampires. ;)



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