Fun Fridays: Hooty Hoot

Owls are still hot as far as fashion goes, aren't they? Perhaps with the presidential election approaching (note: please keep the politics off this blog, I do this to get away from that!) people are seeking out wisdom; as the longtime symbol of wisdom, then, it should be no surprise owls are enjoying yet another resurgence in popularity.

This owl is special, though, as an original vintage Hooty Hoot owl pendant from the 1970s. Hinged into three movable parts — head, body, and tail — this metal owl will make a fun and whimsical fashion statement wherever you decide to take him . This is a rather large piece at 5" long and 2.5" wide, but what's the point of wearing something this fun if no one else will get a smile out of it? $15 from Michigan seller Opal Essence; she has plenty of fab vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry in her shop with the promise of more vintage to come. Her bamboo pendants are especially fun.

Have a great weekend! I'll be painting the living room while watching the Breeder's Cup tomorrow; there's six hours of fantastic horse racing from New Jersey's Monmouth Park and four walls for me to paint, so I should be pretty well occupied (frankly, if I time this right, I can be done painting in time to just settle in on the couch for a full day of excitement. I love Street Sense, but am rather hoping older horse Lawyer Ron will take the Classic; with this week's weather, though, the race outcomes are going to be a little more fun to predict. (Besides, I'm not predicting, just expressing my hopes at the moment.)

See you Monday!

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Anonymous Dr.MOZ said...

Wow, owls really are everywhere!

I just posted about how owls are taking over Etsy, and it appears that they have followed me. Nice blog Jen!

Have a good weekend,
Dr.MOZ, M.D.

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