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It's late October, so we're coming to the end of eggplant season, but those versatile berries (yes, they're berries!) can still be found at your local farmer's markets and grocery stores. But even when the last aubergine has been roasted or sauteed, plum and eggplant shades are still very popular in the fashion aisle, all the way through March.

This vintage chenille suit with a matching blouse is darling and perfect for the coming winter. This Jackie O-like suit is very pretty, and as you know, chenille is very soft and comfortable. The matching blouse is poly, though of course you could switch it out for a blouse of your own or a simple camisole with very clean lines. The suit is probably a small, definitely for petites: the skirt will fit a waist up to 30" and hips up to 40".

Best of all, this is marvellously priced at just $25 from Bleu Green. Too many women have nothing but black, navy, and khaki-coloured suits in their closet; why be one of the masses? Pick up a charming vintage suit like this in a still-professional colour and stand out from the pack.

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