Jazz Square Ring

This red jasper ring is so simple yet so pretty, especially with all of the lines running through the stone. The 3/4" bead has been wrapped with sterling silver wire and topped with a funky sterling swirl. The square shape of this ring is what really attracts me; it's unique but not gaudy or difficult to wear. Just $16 from JeweLyrie.

Remember when Jasper used to be a fairly common name for men? Well...it's doubtful any of us, personally, remember, but surely we've read enough older books where the name popped up regularly. I'm enjoying Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath again in my free time (!), and while I don't believe there is a character by that name in the book, it's certainly an era in which one wouldn't be surprised to come across the name; perhaps that's what made me think of the fact that "Jasper" used to be a fairly common name in the States at least, so this isn't entirely apropos of nothing, right?

Y'all have a good night anyhow. ;)



Anonymous Laura J. said...

In east Texas, there's a little town called Jasper. It's going up that way that the terrain starts to get hilly and the roads become somewhat wind-y. I've always thought it was a neat name ...

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