Fun Friday: Sushi Love

Along with many Americans, I love, love, LOVE sushi and don't get it nearly often enough. That's why this delectable-looking polymer clay sushi platter necklace with matching futomaki earrings caught my eye tonight; cute, aren't they? Each piece is individually hand-sculpted, and you get all your goodies with the sushi, too, including ginger (yum) and wasabi. I appreciate the inclusion of tamago, which I consider "dessert sushi".

The earrings are actually semi-customizable: do you prefer masago orange beads or wasabi green ones? They hang from surgical steel wires, though sterling silver are available as well. Feel free to order a square platter instead of an octagon if you like, too. $32 from Tatsuko jewelry and paper goods.

Have a great weekend!

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Blogger Terry Richey said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for visiting my blog. I was so excited to see that you are my neighbor, and even more excited after I looked at your blog and your flicker pictures. Your my kinda gal! The internet really is a small world, huh? Stop by and see me some time when your out walking. I would love to meet you in person...(even if you really might be a stalker!) LOL

Blogger Jen said...

Hi Terry, we definitely will next time we're out and about! :) Maybe we can schedule a crafting time together.

Blogger Bejeweled said...

These are SO fun!

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