Almost Good Enough To Eat

I regret that I entirely forgot my idea to feature artists who were going to be at this weekend's Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh. Maybe I'll do it next week, after I've had a chance to see all of the great stuff live and in person (and doubtless pick up a few goodies for Christmas - surely you've signed the Handmade Pledge?). We'll be there Saturday, and after having such a good time last year, we're sure it'll be another fabulous day. Besides, not only will there be great craftage, since we're now homeowners, and the Arcade is at Construction Junction, a conservation-salvage place. Sweet. Maybe we should borrow our neighbor's Blazer....

Anyhow, I figured I can start tonight by featuring a PIttsburgh indie artist, like huffalo and her sweet, pretty cherry jubilee earrings. They really do remind me of fun little retro-style cherries. The artist has enameled the copper, sterling silver, and ceramic that makes up the the leaves and "cherries" right in her own home! The wires are all sterling silver. They really are cute, aren't they? Just $32.

By the way, you'd think that it wouldn't be so hard to find an artist, but I'm looking for one to create an image for a project website I'm preparing; I'm looking for an illustration of a city that's sort of neoclassical, sort of Art Deco. I'll be able to explain better to the artist. Anyhow, if you or someone you know is a good illustrator, please drop me a line!

Have a great night!



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