Vive La France!

In honour of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's thus far extraordinarily successful (and, dare I say, wonderfully refreshing) return visit to the States, I thought I'd feature something reminiscent of France. After all, "Sarkozy l'Americain" called America "great" and says he loves us; I suppose it's a small thing to return the favour by featuring something that's a sartorial tribute to France, right?

(Gee, no, I'm not tickled pink by this or anything.)

I've been eyeballing this skirt for weeks, but it's a pinch (a literal pinch, thanks to my love for ice cream...!) too small for me. Still, it's just so cute and fun, and certainly one of the more unique France-focused items, I thought you'd enjoy seeing it (and perhaps it will inspire some purchases of fun fabric, too). The full vintage skirt you see here features a French marching band parading through a small town, French flags flying. Cute, isn't it? The colour is very nice and easily mixed with others in your wardrobe. It's a 25-26 waist with full hips, and is $45 from Denise Brain Vintage. It's one of a kind, and has some small holes, but two have been repaired, the other is easily fixed, and with the way this skirt falls it's unlikely most people will notice them anyhow. Honestly, this is such a cute skirt, it's not worth passing up if it'll fit and you love it.

Vintage is so great. Not only is it generally better made and more flattering than modern fashion, it's far more fun.



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