Exquisite Silver

Choosing something from Ceeb Wasserman's shop was very difficult, because the silversmithing I saw there was beautiful and delicate. The style is really modern without being cold or inaccessible; just the opposite.

This Yukiko pendant is just one example of Ceeb's splendid work. Made of sterling silver that's been domed and sandblasted, it depicts the crown of a flower and is named for the artist's mother. This delightful pendant hangs from a choker wire of sterling silver, and can be yours for $42. This is yet another piece I'd consider to be more than nice enough for an evening about, yet understatedly pretty enough for daily wear.

The rest of the items in Ceeb's shop are along this line, though there are a few more abstract pieces as well. Earrings, rings, and wrist cuffs are available as well, all handmade by Ceeb. This is one shop I'm sure you're going to love browsing through!

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