Golden Beauty

As I mentioned last week, I've been trying to hunt down beautiful yet modest party-appropriate dresses for all of the coming Christmas and New Year's parties due to the number of hits Pretty/Modest has been getting for those search terms. Like most of you, I know what it's like to have a formal event approaching but no dress because it's often difficult to find one that is elegant, fashionable and pretty yet appropriate for an adult in a civil society. Finding such party attire usually requires a little extra work, and more than once I've had to do something horrible (like last fall, when I had nothing but a black dress to wear to a wedding, oh the horror!) because nothing suitable could be found in time, though of course a week later, I would find myself with the pick of the litter. Surely you've been in the same spot?

Having experienced this frustration, I am happy to alleviate the pain for you by pointing out the beautiful, ladylike dresses I find before the holiday party rounds start up again. Yet another example, though far more subdued than the gorgeous dress I featured Friday, is this sublime and elegant 24K dress from Shabby Apple.

Made of gold satin, the dress has an empire waist boasting metallic buttons that's polished, not reminiscent of mid-90s maternity wear. Buttoned cap sleeves and a shirt collar that can be worn up or flat finish off the look, though I really like how high the hem is seamed, too. The back of this dress appears to have princess seams for perfectly flattering shaping, again reducing the possibility that other party-goers will ask when you're expecting (no, I don't like empire waistlines, what made you ask?). And don't forget the two hidden pockets!

Though hourglass figures like myself tend not to look that great in empire waist items, dresses can be a bit more forgiving, and the allure of satin is almost too much to resist — particularly in this flattering shade of gold. This dress is perfect not just for New Year's and Christmas, but weddings (like fall ones?) too. $98 from Shabby Apple. Shabby Apple, like Christa Taylor, is another shop started by young ladies who couldn't find smart dresses that covered while being flattering; the whole shop is full of dresses I'd be thrilled to have in my closet, and I daresay most of you will like them, too!

Speaking of Christa's, it's only nice of me to tell you she's having a 20% off sale Friday through Sunday. No malls! No crowds! No tired salespeople!

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving Eve, I'll be busy whipping up orange-cranberry sauce (Hubby's aunt made this delicious stuff last year, but I was horrified when, upon asking for the recipe, she'd put about 5 cups of sugar into it) and doing overall prep for Thanksgiving Day. It's one of my favourite holidays, not least of all because of its meaning: that we should, indeed need to, remember to be thankful for all we have, however much or little. My attitude is, "It could be a lot worse!"

Anyhow, I won't be here tomorrow as far as I know, nor Thursday, and quite possibly not Friday. Whatever shall we do?

Regardless, have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving weekend, and be careful if you dare go out. That said, why not take the Handmade Pledge and do all of your shopping at places like Etsy?



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What a smashing New Year's dress this would be!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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