Sherbet in Winter?

You're being asked about sherbet because that's what this luscious-looking wool scarf reminds me of: orange sherbet. Or perhaps a Creamsicle. Of course, the idea of downing ice cream when it's below 30 degrees, flurrying, and windy outside isn't on most people's minds; nor does it sound like something we want to do this time of year. Snuggling up with a hot cocoa or some fondue sounds much better, doesn't it?

Still, there's something special about that soft orange and creamy white combination I find pretty irresistible, and this girl can't be the only one. Orange is a very cheerful, enlivening colour anyhow, and during the next few grey, morose winter months, wouldn't it be fabulous to have a soft, cuddly-feeling scarf like this one to perk up your mood and your coats? Hand stitched, not only is this woolen beauty going to keep you toasty warm, it's a nice long, wide scarf — all the better for wrapping around your neck and snuggling into. This is cute enough to keep wrapped about you even after you remove your coat (hey, where I grew up in Detroit, this is pretty common; it's COLD!), and the joyous colours are probably going to encourage you to do so. $35 and handmade by TJT Design.

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Blogger Rachel said...

Amen to that! orange is a wonderful color to liven up a gloomy day.

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