Hawaiian Flair?

For some reason, these earrings remind me of the trips my grandparents would take to Hawaii. They were always bringing little things back that fascinated us, including that dark, carved wood. The vintage carved lucite beads dangling from the pretty jade daisies on these earrings definitely remind me of those exotic carvings, and especially the kinda-creepy but mostly cool mugs they brought home one year. The colours are bright and cheery but not so much that they'll be out of place this time of year. $30 from A Sweet Magpie.

Also, if you like these but prefer something a little more classic-subtle, be sure to take a look at her beautiful, sophisticated tea petal earrings in a soft blue and pale mocha. So pretty! Her whole shop is full of earrings ranging from funky to mod to beautiful; there's a lot to look at, so get clicking! ;)



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