Fun Fridays: Buffet Line

The print on this wrap skirt is just fabulous - wonderfully mod and very fun. Everything you need for your next big family dinner is right on your skirt: the tureen, the fish and chips, the eggs, the poultry, dessert...even the drinks and condiments! All you've got to do is welcome your guests.

Well...if only it were that easy. But even if its not, donning this handmade Sam McLean creation will certainly make life seem a little breezier and much sweeter. Handmade, the wrap doesn't have any zippers or buttons or hook-eyes to fuss with, and fits anyone with a waist from 27"-32". In these colours, its perfect for whipping up a Valentine's Day dinner in, but of course it's marvellous for just about anything you'd like to wear it for. Just $35, too! What a deal on this one-of-a-kind skirt.

I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I've still got some work to finish up (with all of the debates and so forth, I've been kept pretty busy), but other than that we're going to slap the final paint swatch up on the bedroom walls and crossing our fingers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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