Ginkgo Earrings

Suspected to be the world's oldest living seed-bearing plant, the ginkgo tree was quite possibly gracing the planet even before the dinosaurs began roaming around. This in combination with the fact that these trees can grow nearly anywhere in the world under any conditions and are extremely durable, not to mention ginkgo's medicinal properties, have resulted in the tree and its distinctively-shaped leaves being recognized the world over as a symbol of hope and longevity. Indeed, some regard this elegant plant as a "living fossil".

Adding to the near-mythological aura of the ginkgo is the fact that in Hiroshima, four ginkgo trees survived the A-bomb and in fact still grow today. Their continuing presence in Japan has resulted in the trees being seen as bearers of hope and rebirth the world over.

The comely, symmetrical leaves of the ginkgo are probably one of the most easily identified tree leaves for those of us who aren't biologists of some sort. Not only that, they call to mind not just the tree itself, but Japan and that country's exotic, mysterious, aesthetically pleasing cultural tendencies (at least to Westerners). It's no surprise, then, that ginkgo leaves have always been a popular motif, and particularly in recent years.

Taking advantage of that lovely form is Ornamental Things with these oh-so-delicate-looking gold mesh ginkgo leaf earrings dangling alluringly from a recycled gold metal chain. Simple yet elegant in form, these are likely to be well-loved, oft-worn pieces in your collection and possibly even heirlooms. I imagine every day will seem just a little more gracious when you don these leaves, which could last as long as the trees themselves (some of which live to be over 1,000 years old).

Handmade by artist Natalie Tischler, they're just $38. Natalie also creates and sells rings, bracelets, and necklaces ranging from sophisticated to whimsical, so enjoy your visit to her shop! If you're in the Dallas area, this Austin resident will be at the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market January 24-27.

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