Sadie Tee from Layers

Well, I was going to feature this darling and sweet Sadie top from Layers Clothing tonight, but it's actually impossible to upload any of their images to anything - Flickr, Blogger, Photobucket - so take my word for it and check it out.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this pretty floral wrap skirt from Un de Six. With the muted blues in the skirt, it would probably look great with the above-mentioned Layers top in steel blue or the white; of course, it would look good with any number of fitted or semi-fitted sweaters, tops, or a cami-jacket combo. Like all wrap skirts, this one is meant to be comfy and easy-to-wear, and will fit a 25-35" waist and 30-40" hips. Handmade and one of a kind, it's $39. The seamstress who made this is also willing to make custom apparel, so be sure to drop her a line if you're interested in something extra-special.

Honestly, I had a bear of a time trying to upload the pictures of that other top, and it is very attractive, so be sure to take a look at it as well. :)

Have a wonderful night...!



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