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Another two-fer tonight! Perhaps I'm feeling generous.

Tonight's two dresses are from MikaRose, yet another fabulous clothing company founded on the values of modest chic. MikaRose is smart in they're specializing in dresses of all kinds (keep it simple...). Glancing through their online shop, I see a lot of fabulous retro influence when it comes to the styles, something that always makes me happy. They've even found inspiration in Audrey Hepburn; ladies, we can't go wrong here!

First up is this mod-style print dress. It's fitted enough so that we know you're a girl without being-skin tight, and the print...! Wow. Great fun, and easily accessorized with jewelry, sashes, belts...and just imagine the shoe possibilities. It comes in two colours, brown/rust and black/red, both of them very cute and fun. Made in the USA (hurrah!), the dress is poly with just a little Spandex for stretch and comfort. The almost-drop waist is very flattering, too. $49.99 in sizes from small to extra large.

I also just couldn't help but point you to this classic shirtdress from MikaRose. It's 100% cotton, black, with 3/4 sleeves. Very simple, very clean...it's beautiful. I love it. As you know, I believe every woman should have at least one shirtdress in her wardrobe (because starting with one means she'll quickly have a dozen): they're easy to wear but look gorgeous, they're very simple to accessorize to dress them up or down, and extremely comfortable the whole time. This one, also in sizes small to extra large, is $40.

MikaRose has a very nice collection of dresses, all very pretty (one more: check out the Japanese-inspired Katana) and modest, at very reasonable prices. We're seeing so many talented designers with the intent of creating beautiful clothing that still covers up, and I can't wait to see what they do in the future! There's a growing market for this sort of thing, and MikaRose is going to be yet another big name in the business.

Update! Owner Michaella is extending a 10% discount to anyone who'd like to purchase a thing or two from MikaRose; just use the code "newcustomer".

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