Beautiful Bags from Tamami Ko

You know, all of the artists I feature here at Pretty/Modest are just that: artists. They're all super-talented, if you ask me, and almost all of them have at least 2 or 3 items I'd love to feature, if not more goodies. Still, sometimes I just can't help it, and this is one of those nights; the handbags at Tamami Ko Bag are exceptional and unique and deserving of such exposure.

I've chosen two bags to give you an idea of Tamami Ko's versatility, that is, formal and casual.

The first bag is the "large blue lady". Beautiful, isn't it? Not only is the bag a terrific shape — it makes me think of a gigantic dewdrop — the colours and vintage fabric are rich and elegant. There's a nice tortiseshell-like vintage buckle, and that lovely finishing touch, the sparkling charm serving as a zipper. Just delightful! You'll have to visit the bag itself to see the interior of this bag, in its luscious, gorgeous contrasting colours. There's a big pocket inside, too, but then the bag itself is big: 18.5" wide and 15" wide! You could probably stick your Golden Retriever in this one. $68.

The other bag is the La Vie En Rose. I can't tell if the bag's exterior is made of denim or not, but it looks like it, making this a durable but sweetly pretty purse for everyday. And pretty it is: the chic modern form, and of course that irresistible decoration on the flap, made of a vintage patch featuring vintage roses and a beaded vintage button. These few small but bright touches give this $43 bag great personality without being overwhelmingly girly or treacly. It's another good-sized bag, too, at 14.5" wide and 7.5" tall. As you can see, the interior of the bag is beautiful and well-crafted, too, not to mention a light colour so it's easy to find the things that invariably sink to the bottom.

This is definitely a shop worth visiting; Tamami is very creative in her use of vintage items to create modern accessories!

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