Oooo, pretty...
It's not often we see a denim skirt as pretty as this one, but Funky Frum has us covered (literally).  The deep blue is elegant and grown-up, but it's denim, so...it's comfy. How about that!  It has a little bit of flare and very attractive contrasting stitching about the hips and hem — so cute. Denim skirts are extraordinarily  versatile, and this one will add a bit of femininity to an American classic.

$63, and in sizes 10-14. However, since they seem to think most women have only a 4" waist-to-hip differential, chances are you can buy one of these sizes and take it in if necessary (I'd have to go six full sizes up to fit my hips though my waist is small, so this girl would definitely be at her sewing machine - what is that all about? Oh well...). Regardless, this is an adorable skirt for all seasons and almost all events. 



Blogger Charity said...

Awr, it's beautiful. I love that dark denim color. :)

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