Fun Friday: Fused Fun
Well, after all the excitement of the conventions, Hubby and I are going to enjoy ourselves at home with The Big Country. A William Wyler film (he's the man who directed Ben-Hur), it stars Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, Burl Ives, and some jaw-dropping cinematography and landscape. Indeed, the landscape alone makes this one worthwhile; you'll melt to see these vistas. Hubby missed it, though, and I enjoyed it, so we're watching again tonight thanks to the wonder of Netflix. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good movie. One of the female leads is a really weak link in the film, to the point of being exasperating; I'm not sure if it is because the character is somewhat annoying of the actress is bad. It seems to be a little of both. Overall, though, it is an excellent movie and highly recommended. Plus...Heston and Peck? What more could we ask? (Some excellent horses, too, especially Heston's mount.)

So that's us tonight. But first...how about these darling, whimsical rings from the Polka Dot Glass Shop?  They're irresistible. Though my eyes first fell upon the bird ring, which drew me into the shop, I've fallen a little bit in love with the adorable, sweet, winsome little green pear elf ring. The preciously semi-surprised face! The darling little pinwheel on his jolly little dotted cap! And of course the green is delightful, too, but I've never been one capable of resisting a juicy bright green. 

Both pieces are handmade of fused glass, and securely attached to white gold-plated rings. The bird is $10, and our jolly elf is $12. There's plenty more at the Polka Dot Glass Shop, including pendants featuring critters, cityscapes, gnome houses, and retro televisions (including one that makes me think of an apple).

Have a great weekend!

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