Ah, yes, wooden jewelry, one of my very favourite things. If there is something wearable composed in or featuring wood, I'm there. The natural beauty is, of course, undeniable, but I really seem to find something peaceful, relaxing, and grounding about it.

Additionally, wood seems to go with everything for some reason. Go figure!

Regardless of my reasons for so enjoying wooden jewelry, though, we can't deny that Lala B.'s designs are beautiful, graceful, and charming. Formerly featured only in Hawaiian boutiques, through the wonder of the internet, we can all snag a pair of our very own, or perhaps for a friend.

Lala B. earrings are made from salvaged pieces of wood from artist Julie's husband's instrument-making business; he constructs guitars and ukeleles.  It's a family affair: Lala B. is named after the couple's daughter; Julie designs, assembles, and sands the earrings; Julie's husband sprays the finish onto each earring. 

Earrings are available with either sterling silver or gold-filled hooks; each is made of native Hawaiian Koa hardwood. The grain and colours of this wood really are beautiful. Julie sets
many of her pieces most beautifully by accenting the wood with beads, wire, tiny rhinestones, pearls, and other lovely things. Never outlandish, each pair of earrings is sophisticated and lovely. Some are sheer elegance, while others are more fun and whimsical, but there's no denying that the work is winningly pretty.

Each pair of earrings is handmade, and the range of prices is extremely reasonable: $15-$30.



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