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If y'all wouldn't mind praying for my family, I'd appreciate it. My grandfather suffered a very (very) mild stroke Saturday and is still in the hospital due to an infection. The doctors seem to think he'll be fine, and he'd regained some use of his arm and hands by that very evening, and was speaking lucidly just hours later, but...still. We'd appreciate your prayers just the same! Thanks.

Now, August or not, the nights are getting cool...very cool. Downright chilly, in fact. So it's wise to keep a cardigan or three around for evening excursions of simply sitting on the porch watching the world go by (or wandering around the yard while munching on a peach and stargazing, like I do). For some reason, though, simple cardigans that still have personality can be hard to find. It's either Christmas Horror Hell or bland, bland, bland fitless sacks of knit silk and cotton.

Thankfully, Heavy Threads has a solution: cotton knit cardigans with retro embroidery bedecking them. This black atomic cardigan really does look like something straight out of the 50s, doesn't it (also available in dark grey and several other colours)? The starburst pattern was created as a wearable homage to the fabulous 1950s Franciscan dishes starburst pattern. Delightful! 

Wearable with just about everything from jeans to skirts and camis to daydresses, the cardigans are custom-made and come in sizes extra small to XXL. $42, hand-embroidered right here in the USA! No way can even Target match this coolness.

If you want something a little more girly, don't be afraid to try one of the bubblegum pink cardigans with a single, large starburst. Very cool, very retro, very adorable, and just $40.

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Blogger Pink Kitty said...

Did you IM me about this? If not, I'm disappointed!!!

LOVE it!

Blogger Jen said...

LOL, Nope, just found it this afternoon during the rush! It is darling...both of them. Did you see the pink?

Maybe you should contact the artist and license a line of Pink Kitty sweaters. ;)

Blogger Jenny said...

Sorry about your grandpa... Prayers!

I love the sweater!

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