Fun Friday: Rickrack earrings? You're on!

While I'm sure there are many crafters who aren't particularly enamoured of rickrack, I'd say they are rather few and far between. How can anyone resist the retro look, that happy little wave? Not only is it lovable on clothing, rickrack isn't out of place on handbags, aprons, curtains, sheets, pillows, Christmas decorations...you name it. 

And now...behold! Rickrack on earrings.

From the Minneapolis studio of Lousche, these cuties have a fabulous retro vibe, and not just due to the rickrack; the fabric is a repro from the 30s. The overall effect is sweet, but very summery and cheery too. They even come in their own gift box, and at just $3.50 for the pair, you simply can't go wrong. 

Artist Kayla has oodles of cute, fun, vintage-y button earrings (with and without rickrack). Freak out your coworkers and family with eyeball earrings, earrings featuring grumpy (but still cute) sheep,  or just terrific prints. She's also offering these really unique butterfly bobby pins; the butterflies have transparent wings, having been made from shrinky-dink plastic. These would be great for a little girl or anyone with a great sense of fun. You can find dangly earrings, artwork, rings, and other goodies too. 

Have a wonderful weekend! We're planning to hit the berry farm tomorrow for some goodies, and are hoping it doesn't rain 'till we're through. I hope you all have fun things going on as well!

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