Bracelets, bracelets all the time!

I love bracelets. There's something about them that makes every woman look instantly more elegant, more ladylike, more sophisticated. They make the wrist and the curves of the arm look so pretty. Over the years, with all of the time I've spent in vintage shops and glancing over sales racks, to say nothing of the wonderfully generous gifts others have given to or even made for me, I'll admit to having amassed a pretty nice little collection of bracelets. Nothing designer, nothing fancy, but I enjoy them all. In fact, when we go on vacations or trips, my favourite memento (other than the photos, of course!) is usually a bracelet or ring that makes me think of the place (heaven help us when we finally do the Route 66 trip...).

So you can imagine that a shop like Linda's is destined to keep me quite interested for some time. You'll find earrings, necklaces, and even watches and anklets there, but it appears that she, too, has succumbed to the lure of the bracelet. She's crafted tons — okay, well, many, many pounds — of them, all very lovely and pretty, with styles ranging from funky to sweet to gamine to beautiful, and all at remarkably fair prices. You pick the best part; I'm mystified.

 She also makes some really inspired bead choices, so all of her work is quite interesting and unique, like this peridot and amethyst bracelet. For one thing, peridot is one of my sister's favourite stones, but the shape of those deliciously-coloured green beads is definitely eye-catching and whimsical, particularly when paired with the amethyst  rondelles (which have always made me think of flying saucers, but I am a little strange). And the clasp demonstrates a terrific attention to detail, too; it looks like a fantasy butterfly, or perhaps a cluster of berries. Just $14!

Or what about this bracelet, featuring a summery blend of amber, turquoise, and brown wood-like beads? The colours are gorgeous and cheery, and this bracelet is just $15.

Honestly, these are just two of the many delightful treats to be found at Bracelets by Linda. She'll also do custom orders for you if you like, and is more than happy to work with you on a specific design you may have in mind; she'll also resize bracelets to your needs. If you're having or participating in a wedding anytime soon, I think giving Linda a ring is definitely worth your time; she can probably create coordinating pieces that aren't all exactly alike so they'll match bridesmaids' or mothers' personalities (there I go again...just a thought).

Definitely check out Linda's shop...you're sure to find something to love. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bracelets by Linda. I probably own 6 bracelets, 4 pairs of earrings, and a necklace. Her stuff is gorgeous! (and so reasonably priced)

Anonymous Enid said...

I own two of Linda's bracelets and what the photos don't show is the wonderful craftsmanship of her pieces! I have two with the same color theme, so I can wear them together or alone. I am starting to buy Christmas presents and Linda's bracelets are reasonably priced, so well worth every penny!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda's bracelets are beautiful and so well crafted! She aims to please...and succeed at that she AMAZING work! Lovely!

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