With the hot weather, sometimes it's nice to see jewelry and other goodies that reflect the light, or allow it to pass through them. As pretty as most of the things on Etsy are, when it's this hot they often just seem...heavy. Maybe it's the humidity here, I'm not sure, but it's almost as if even our eyes need a relief; maybe that's why just the sight of an icy glass of lemonade or a lake with a gentle breeze skipping across its surface allow us to exhale and relax for a moment.

Regardless, I think that's why I'm so attracted to this necklace and earrings set from Tulip36. Everything featured on the set is transparent, lending a light-as-air feeling to a very pretty set without denying us any colour. All of the beads are quartz (the cherry quartz beads remind me of small, salmon-reddish tomatillos), so the light will reflect and bounce off this quite prettily — and, dare I say, offer a luminous frame for your face. Very pretty, and thanks to the crystal beads, you'll be able to match this with many things in your wardrobe. $40.

I also like this vividly golden-yellow ribbons necklace with a lovely beaded pendant and these subtly elegant flower agate earrings. There are plenty of lovely things in Tulip36's shop, though, and you're sure to enjoy your perusal thereof.

No, I've not been ODing on Jane Austen books this summer...

Have a great night. ;)



Blogger txmom2jami said...

How beautiful! I went to check out the other pieces you mentioned and was tickled to find out that Tulip36 is a mere 30 - 40 miles up the road from me ... literally on the same highway that runs one block parallel to my street! In fact, my aunt and uncle live in Rosenberg. LOL

Blogger Jen said...

Yes, she is another Texas girl! I forgot to mention that... :)

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