Shades of Katie Scarlett...

There's something about curtains that women find irresistible...on the walls or under the needle of a sewing machine, being re-formed into clothing, handbags, and other assorted things. This handmade skirt has a long, proud heritage of sisterhood with fellow re-purposed curtians. It looks so soft, drapey, and feminine...the flowers lovely, but not too fussy. It can be worn as seen, with a camisole, or be topped off with a soft sweater or fitted blouse. 

This is one of those things we can simply call 'pretty', because that is what it is. One of a kind, it's just $15; as a wrap, it will fit a waist from 27-34". 

Handmade and offered by Dragonfly Designs.  The shop offers a variety of things, but most of all I'm quite clear with the number of apparel items that are attractive yet modest - not all of them, but many. In addition to skirts, you'll find several tops and even a couple of dresses.



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