Time for cherries and blue skies again...!

What a pretty print on this vintage blouse! Pale blue flowers rest on white square medallions against a cheerful red background. Originally a long-sleeved blouse, it was altered to be short sleeved instead, with very pretty effect (come to think of it, I've a dress which looks weird with long sleeves...). The open pointed collar is chic and modern, and will also allow you to remain a bit cooler than a full button-up would, as if anyone buttons these shirts all the way up during the sweltering days of summer anyhow.

In addition to fixing the sleeves, all of the buttons have been replaced with pale blue ones. Overall, this is very cute! While I'd belt this for a more fitted look, you may want to wear this as-is. It's very cute and would be great for the office, camping (wouldn't you look sweet and adorable bringing the s'mores supplies over with this shirt topping some jeans?), or just hanging out. It's also a great choice for Independence Day, providing the weather's cool enough. The shirt fits a 6-8 and is shown on a size 8 dress form; your best bet may be to write the seller, Green Slate, if you want more specific measurements. This darling top is only $15!

Green Slate salvages materials and clothing and re-purposes or refurbishes them, hence the 'green'. Really, they're upcycling, aren't they? The shop also has a very pretty dress available, as well as several aprons for both cooking and utility work (think gardening, or maybe just chasing the kids around the house). Enjoy your browsing!

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