Copper Art

On occasion, it's fun (and, I think, important) to feature things that aren't just lovely, but unique and artistic, too. I've found another winner in Lucky Rabbit Designs. Brand-new to Etsy, she's offering very interesting, thought-provoking (and sometimes a bit cheeky) jewelry made of copper, sterling silver, brass, and other metals. There are earrings, necklaces, rings, and bangles in the shop, all quite interesting to peruse. I've plucked four of my favourites to share with you here, but encourage you to go look around.

Featured, from top to bottom, are the eclipse pendant on a chain, the very delicate and pretty silver bloom flower pendant necklace; caged, a fascinating pendant featuring wild creatures peering out of a forest at a caged bird; and the heartbreak ring, which allows you to look into a small hole in the copper dome of the heart to see a crack running through the center.

All available from Lucky Rabbit Designs.

Have a great night!



Blogger Bejeweled said...

It is always so lovely to visit here and see all the treasures you've showcased and read all your fabulous writing!

We finished painting and it looks just awesome! Hope your painting is going well too!

I'm with you on the tea post a few posts down. Tea is a wonderful beverage and the ritual of making tea is so very soothing and relaxing.

Talk to you later!

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