A teal to match the frost you scrape from your windshield

Surely we can't be the only ones trudging through one of the coldest springs in my memory. Though we'd planned on putting our garden together this year, I'm thinking it will end up being mostly annuals (ugh) with a few perennials that I already have in pots until next year; spring is over, but it's been so cold nothing could possibly transplant or take very well at all. Sigh. This is a bit disappointing...I've always loved flowers and gardens, and was so looking forward to one this year! In the fall we may pick up a peony bush or three, and perhaps luck out and find some half-off foundation plants (hey, we bought two apple trees for just $30 last October and they're doing wonderfully), but...no lilies, no iris, no other wonderful goodies. Not this year. Next year, though. At least I'll have all summer and winter to plan, right?

Anyhow, it's difficult to pick all of these cute springy items, because I just know it'll be in the 40s one day (like today) and 80 the next, the temps rising from there. Doesn't it seem like that's how it happens nowadays? Not that I'll complain when the warmer weather does come about; no, I love it, and admittedly become peevish when someone blessed enough to live in a balmier clime sits whining and complaining about how hot it is. More people die of cold than they do of heat, you know...and besides, isn't steamy weather a great excuse to have a fruit salad with mint sprinkled on top, some lemon or lime-ade, and sit on the porch or lawn with a good book? Silver lining, folks! It's always there.

I'm wearing a heavy winter sweater today (albeit one of my favourites)...instead of this charming teal blouse from Amanda Archer. The raglan sleeves with the lace and ribbon trim are just delightful, and the lacey collar and appliques add just the right touch. The cotton top comes with a removable belt, meaning you can wear it tunic-style or cinched as seen here. Handmade, it comes in sized 4-10 and is $60.

Accessories? To add a little subtle heat, try these bamboo and sponge coral earrings from Artwear by Mona, or Golden Stiletto's vintage-styled carved cinnabar and coral Monica earrings. For simple elegance and grace, try something like Kim's Jewels white pearl silver wrap ring. Finally, for a little whimsy (and y'all know I'm all about the whimsy), why not this Bird's Nest Hair pendant featuring Regency-age dames and their wacky hairstyles from Adorapop or this wonderfully fun bangle featuring candy rubber duckies in resin from Reinstated Goods?

This is a versatile top, suitable for wearing with skirts or pants (but no dress shorts, please). It also looks to be very comfortable and is clearly flattering without being revealing at all, very important things here in Pretty/Modest land.

Have a great night! I'm off to make some hot cocoa. ;)



Blogger txmom2jami said...

Oh, don't be peevish! :) The last two days we've gone without a/c in an effort to cut the electric bill ... I finally waved the white flag last night when I tried to put on my makeup before going to auditions and the perspiration was making it run down my face. Ack!

Maybe we could do one of those "holiday" trades ... you could come down and stay in my little place for a bit and I could some stay in yours. LOL Take care, stay warm, summer will come, SOON!

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