Blue, Green, and White Monday

And y'all thought I could only bring out fun prints on Fridays, eh? No, no! We must have fun! We only live once, and should enjoy ourselves while we're here (why, yes, I will have another soft serve, thank you). Check out this cute 60s - 70s shirtwaist dress. Darted bust, the folded cuffs...the adorable print. Interesting little periwinkle and white flowers dance across a field of blues and whites. Is this perfect for spring and summer or what? It's just so adorable. Flattering in cut and easy to wear...its' just 99 cents. That is under a buck. 38-36-42.

But the auction ends tonight. Tonight. So buy now, now!

As a topper, I really like this green chalk turquoise necklace from An Original Jewelry, or Clevergirl's Lime Loop Earrings. Voleur de Bijoux offers these gorgeous Mata Hari earrings featuring aventurine and pearl, or if you just want to head out the door free and easy, why not this cute ring with a green coin pearl (for only $4.50 to boot)?

Have a great night!

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