Fun Friday: Silly Symphony Ducklings

It's always interesting to learn what inspires people. A Sweet Magpie was inspired to make these sweet duckling earrings by the 1939 Silly Symphony version of "The Ugly Duckling". Both ducklings are glass with big, adorable eyes and even come with their own bouquet of fruit and flowers. Handmade and perfect for spring - maybe even for mom - you can give these two a home for just $18.

Tomorrow is Derby Day, and for the first time in my life...I'm not sure of any horse. Too many questions, too little experience. Thankfully, I'm not alone; even the best handicappers are mystified. Court Vision is nice, and of course everyone is going gaga over Big Brown and Colonel John, not without reason...

I love the story of Gayego's owners; both men had been prisoners of the regime in Cuba, one being sent into forced labor for 21 years by Castro and his thugs. In the early 70s, both men managed to escape with their families to Spain, then came to America, became successful, and met in California. It was the start of a wonderful friendship, and they've bought one yearling every fall at Keeneland. This is their first trip to the Kentucky Derby, and they're clearly thrilled; one of them yesterday told a reporter, "Oh, my God, from jail to heaven!" What a great story; talk about the American Dream! They could win the Derby! Gayego strikes me as more of a sprinter (yeah, I'm serious about this horse thing), but he really did impress me with his Arkansas Derby win. It wasn't a difficult trip, but he was challenged there at the end, but didn't budge. And that story...!

If nothing else, I guess I have a sentimental choice. I spent several hours writing my pre-Derby story last night, though, and moreover, I doubt y'all want to have me rehash it here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Sweet Jen, I want your cute little earring wearin' self to come out and play the meme game with me. It'll be fun! ;)

I've tagged you for this meme:

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