Fun Friday Early: Kattywampus Applique Skirts
Well, it's an early Fun Friday because my parents are visiting this weekend. They're very much looking forward to seeing Benedict! Also, it'll be the first time in a while Dad and I will be able to watch a Wings playoff game together; I think the last time we did so was just prior to the wedding! Anyhow, I don't want to be digging around online with Mom and Dad here. Nothing personal. :)

Actually, while we're dealing with personal things, I won't be posting for the week of April 20; it's our wedding anniversary. Two years already (and still no wedding album because Hubby has been dragging his feet...)!

I came across tonight's pic last week, and simply had to post it; someone is sure to love these creative and darling skirt from A Kattywampus Tale. Lovingly handmade by a math teacher (!) in a century home, these skirts all have whimsical appliques, many nature-themed. All of the skirts look comfy, great for lounging or flea-marketing or just casually bumming around town.

Not only are the appliques fun, the patchwork style of the skirts manages to be cozy and homey without being...well...prairie rat. They're chic and stylish and sweet without making you think "Little House on the Prairie" or wonder where your chickens are scratching tonight.

Each Kattywampus Tale skirt comes with its very own "tale", inspired by the scary kattywampus stories of the artist's grandfather. From $15 - $110, most being in the midrange.

Have a marvellous weekend!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I am the proud owner of more than one fabulous work of art made by Oliva, the creator of A Kattywampus Tale! I just absolutely love her work & have never been disappointed by the craftmanship! Thanks for sharing!

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