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It occurred to me this evening, as I sit here self-medicating with a fiery concoction only Severus Snape could love (eh...really, it's not that bad), that it has been a while since I featured a bag of any sort.

A few friends have mentioned they'd love to have re-usable bags for the supermarket and places like IKEA. In all honesty, I'm not entirely on the environmental bandwagon, though some things seem quite logical to me. One of those logical, sensible things is reusable shopping bags, because there are only so many plastic bags I can re-use to pick up puppy poo while we're on our walks or line the bathroom wastebasket with. I've tried keeping all of them...and the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink is at critical mass thanks to the bags from our supermarket and other necessary excursions.

Fortunately, though there were at first (and still are) unattractive bags one can purchase and use for such mundane purchases as milk runs (or, more fun, fresh fruit and ice cream runs), enterprising, bright, and talented people are designing chic and durable bags perfect for hitting the grocery store or farmer's market. Of course, most of us would probably need 10 or 15 of these for our average supermarket trip, especially if you buy lots of fresh produce, but I suppose every little bit helps, don't you?

Kathijane is one of these clever, creative designers, and right now has two darling market shopper sets in her shop, one in a perky asparagus green and the other in a pretty turquoise and chocolate floral print. Each set is $36, and includes 2 medium canvas totes packed into one larger one. The larger tote has to big exterior pockets, too. The bags are machine washable and wholly handmade in the USA. It's a great deal for you...and that spot in your house where you're pretty sure those plastic bags are self-perpetuating.

Just a heads-up: my parents are visiting us this weekend, so you get Fun Friday a day early. With all that has occurred in our family these past few months, I certainly don't want to be hunting stuff down with my parents here. They are really looking forward to seeing Ben, though.

Have a great night!



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