Pretty dress, pretty lady!

Please forgive me for daring to choose an eBay item that ends tomorrow, but the size and style of this are so lovely I simply had to point it out, in the hopes that some wonderful woman will see it, fall in love, and snap it up.

A vintage dress from the 40s, this pretty navy blue crepe rayon beauty has an ultra-flattering, ultra-feminine cut. The model's somewhat uncomfortable-looking pose nothwithstanding, this is an elegant, sophisticated, very classic dress with great touches like a batwing bust (wowza, how cool!), darted waistline, and a slightly flared hemline that will swish and sway with every move. The seller reports it's in great condition for a dress this old, though a button which had been re-sewn on is a bit loose; an easy fix. One of the skirt's seams is a little bit separated, but again - super easy fix, even for an inexperienced sewer. The lace sleeves feature tiny, sparkly beads and rhinestones for that extra-special touch.

Best of all, this dress is in a larger size: 40-36-42. Definitely worth every penny of the $9.99 the dress currently calls for, and more than that besides. She's a beauty, so are you...snap it up!

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