Beads in the Belfry

I suppose this is somewhat appropriate...we rented Masterpiece Theatre's 2006/07 Jane Eyre from Netflix and even Hubby is interested in it, not having read the book (it's one of my favourites, recently re-enjoyed via DailyLit.com). Someone actually borrowed my copy but never gave it back...ah well. My birthday is next week, so maybe I'll get a nice vintage hardcover copy. While there aren't any belfry at Thornfield that I recall, there was one at the church...hey, work with me.

Now, there are so many lovely and marvellous things at Beads in the Belfry it's nearly impossible to choose just one...or two! Nina's choice of beads and arrangements is fabulous.

One of my favourite items, though, doubtless due to its charming whimsicality, is this blue bird on a perch necklace and pendant. Your stone bird has been carved of African Jasper, and he's perched near three coral flowers. Perhaps he's a bowerbird trying to attract a lady bird? All is framed in durable, hammered heavy gauge sterling silver; the bird's wing is made of forged coil as well.

The $52 necklace comes on a sterling silver chain. There's a similar necklace in tan for $42, or you can have one custom-made for the same price!

I'm also a big fan of the spirals galore rings. Cute, aren't they? In sterling silver ($32) and copper.

There's lots of great stuff to love at Beads in the Belfry. Jane might not approve...but perhaps she could learn to appreciate their beauty and charm.

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