Field of Flowers

Clearly, vintage frocks are completely irresistible to me. Here's yet another eBay find, this one an auction ending Monday. The super-broad, stand-up (stand up-able?) collar is wonderfully fabulous, and check out these cotton-candy colours! Pale lemon, pretty pink, and bright blue blossoms are scattered gaily across an icy blue field. The ribbon belt isn't included — as is typical with vintage dresses — but it would be easy enough to replace, or perhaps you could even find someone on Etsy willing to make one for you.

Aside from its classic appearance, this cotton dress has something else in its favour: it's in a larger size. I always try to make a point of bringing dresses for the more cuddly-ly curvaceous ladies, because attractive, chic, modest clothing for some sizes can be difficult to find. This one has measurements of 52-42-open hips.

Bidding is presently at just $2.25, and again, it ends Monday. Jump on it, this one's a real beauty; I was very disappointed it wasn't in my size. Better for you, right?

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

How very perfect for Spring with its colors!

Catching up here ... my husband wouldn't stop me from painting a room lilac or pink, but he'd never go in it willingly :) And love what you did with the robin week! So many great things to dream about owning. I don't know how you ever choose things for the blog - now that I'm on etsy, it is so vast and sometimes overwhelming with all the talented artists and cool stuff there.

And... I think blue flowers would be lovely for Remmy. What a beautiful way to honor his memory.

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