Hurry Up, Spring

At least it's March, right? Not only did I lose someone most dearly loved in February, one of my heroes passed away, too, just last week; February shall henceforth be The Most Hateful Month to me.

The calendar change made me cry, turning the page to a month void of our little darling. It's obviously a struggle right now to see the good in things, because even remembering the good things makes me burst into tears right now. Rem always loved the advent of warmer weather, since it meant the windows were thrown open; he'd perch on the sills, excitedly watching the birds and bugs flitting around outside. He especially liked the house, of course, with the gigantic, bird-attracting oak tree in the backyard. So...warmer weather is both good and bad right now, as it reminds me of what is missing. Very difficult. Still, I try to thank God for the time we did have with Rem and the blessing he was in our lives, especially mine.

Here we are at last; despite the tough winter we've had, we actually are closer to spring, and the impending sunshine, expected to reappear within the next 60 days or so, will be marvellous for everyone. The grey and cold can really get to one, can't it?

That's why it was a true relief to see this bright, cheerful vintage dress from FemminaStyle Vintage. The pinks in the pattern make this really sweet eye candy, don't you think? It's a 60s dress, poly-rayon, and would fit a large with measurements of 37-36-41. If you simply just cannot wait to don the frock, toss a sweater over it and hit the road! Just $28.50, and FemminaStyle is offering free shipping on orders over $50 right now. Shop away!



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