How To Be toasty-cozy-cute even at the office

I really have to thank Mei-Lynn at Rare Bird Finds for directing me to OrangyPorangy. This flannel skirt really caught my attention, though (there's an entire collection of them). While the word "flannel" generally conjures up images of garish plaids, this skirt is actually made up of a pretty floral print and a hemline border that makes me think of parachute seeds, the kind we'd grab as kids, hide in our hands, then blow away after making a wish on them. The flannel factor is especially nice this time of year: warm, super-soft, snuggly...It's cute enough to wear out and about nearly anywhere, but cozy enough for just bumming around the house...or on those days you want to pretend you're Canadian. ;)

The waist is soft, padded elastic for maximum comfort, and the skirt comes in small, medium and large. $55.

(I shall note that I also like this red-edged denim skirt, too. Pretty!)



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