No More Wet Shoes, No More Ugly Rainboots!

Well, this is definitely a Pretty/Modest first: footwear! Now, with a few exceptions I'm sure you're aware of, there's hardly such a thing as immodest shoes, only the wrong times, places, or events to be wearing certain shoes (your boss' grandmother's funeral, for instance, is likely not the best time to whip out those strappy sequin stilettos). Still, upon seeing these tonight, I simply had to share them you.

What we have here are Puddle Stompers from Pluey's. These lined rubber boots were brought to life by a designer tired of wet feet on rainy days, but was understandably unhappy about the bland, standard-issue ones available at stores. She chose darling and fun designs like origami cranes, purple flowers, Scottie dogs, and polka dots and voila! Wonderfulness was born.

The boots are $55 a pair, and may be difficult to relegate to rainy days only; of course, there's always something to be said for being prepared, correct? Wear them to the beach, while walking the dog, in the garden (heyyy...we've got some major landscaping to do this summer, come to think of it...) on a snowy day, to big garage sales like the annual Lincoln Buy-Way or the World's Longest Yardsale along US 127, on casual Friday...and, yes, in the rain. Each pair comes with a waterproof, rainy-day tote in which to store your Plueys.

So adorable, these boots will be perfect as a gift for yourself or a friend, your mom or your sister...or maybe your bridesmaids for a one-of-a-kind shot of you with your girls on the big day.

Have a great night! Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday" in election-land, so if I'm not here...y'all will know why.



Blogger txmom2jami said...

These are adorable! While mine don't have cute designs printed on them, I have a pair of bubble-gum pink ones that I wear when it's mucky at the stables on riding lesson day. LOL And when I'm not wearing them, they're stuck sole-side up between the cab and bed of my pickup truck, like every good Texas gal's are. :)

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