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Like many ladies, I'm a big Jane Austen buff. As most of you know, there's a big Jane Austen movie-fest occurring one one of the networks. Unfortunately but perhaps unsurprisingly, rumor has it things are beyond horrid and that the newest Jane-based movies are a far cry from the books' original intent, not to mention their delightful charm and sweetness.

Of course, there are many splendid movie renditions of some excellent books, yet as a bibliophile, it seems to me that the film never quite measures up to the discoveries, joys, and (enjoyable) sorrows found on the printed page. My suspicion is many of you, my dear Pretty/Modest readers, feel exactly the same way. Am I right? Does anyone else have a collection of books creeping about the house, a collection one might actually consider, oh...family? Or at the very least, dear friends?

Well, if so, you too shall fall deeply into like for this darling ring featuring proper, pretty ladies clearly engrossed in their reading. The rings are shrinky-dink acrylic stamped with a waterproof ink. The edges have been painted gold as a finishing touch. Best of all (other than the fact that, at last, we will have an unobtrusive way to let one another know we, too, are Book People), this sweet little treat is just $7.50! At that price, you'll have enough left over to buy a book (or several, if you're like me and haunt the used bookstores).

From the mother-daughter team of dillonDesigns. The ring is available in your size, and for a selection of dillonDesigns' ring collection (featuring cute birds, begging bunnies, retro owls, damask, and more) be sure to visit their shop.



Blogger txmom2jami said...

Books ... friends ... aren't those two words synonyms? :)

To quote that everso literary individual, Mr. T -- "I pity the fool who touches my copy of "Green Eggs and Ham"!

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