Fun Friday: Knitting Circle

Now this is a distinct little goody of a kind I've not seen before: a hand-knit rosebud ring, complete with a bright green leaf to set off its beauty. Your long-lasting bloom is set upon an antique adjustable copper ring. Handmade from Manda Holden, who has three knit-flower rings. $15.

By the way, on Wednesday, I featured MikaRose, purveyors of truly pretty dresses. Owner Michaella shot me a thank-you email, and is offering a 10% off discount to us with the code "newcustomer". She also let me know that her new line comes out at the end of February, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled, because she's quite excited about it herself. Shop away, everyone!

I'm recovering from a bit of a cold, hence the brevity. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Blogger Bejeweled said...

That is a super cute ring! And the perfect thing to bring a bit of color to this winter's cold, grey winter days.

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