Retro Style from Jimmy Pickles

There's something about snap-top bags. Part of it has to be their sort of formal, retro look, but for me at least, much of it is simply nothing more than they remind me of my grandmothers. When I was a little girl, they both carried snap-top handbags, often with snap-top coin purses inside. The crisp sound of their closing is wonderful as well, isn't it?

Doubtless it's the combination of warm memories and the style factor that has attracted me to these darling cosmetic bags from Jimmy Pickles. Artist Cherie utilizes not just the fabulousness of snap-tops, she's paired them with terrific fabrics in a variety of bright colours and super-swell fabrics, including cute coordinating lining. These handmade $18 bags are a healthy size, too: 10 inches long at the bottom, 6 inches wide at the opening, and 7 inches tall. That's room enough for your makeup emergency kit, and perhaps even enough to serve as your clutch for an evening out.

If you like these cosmetics bags, be sure to check out her similarly-shaped and equally sweet coin purses (just like Grandma used to have!). This is my favourite, though it's another hard call.

Cherie also offers wristlet keychains - she's the original! - bibs, checkbook covers, and cute button-style ponytail holders. Everything looks extremely well-made, and frankly, the prices are more than competitive with big-box places like Target. Even better, though, they're all made here in the States by an independent artist. Shop away!



Blogger Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Jen! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your comments on my "fighting the frump" post. Even thhough I'm old enough to be your mommy, I do look to you as a style icon! You have style, class and grace out the wazoo. I totally agree with your advice...and I've been using sunblock for quite some time. :)

Blogger Jen said...

Well, my goodness, Cindy...I've never been called a "style icon" before! lol Thanks...

And good on you with the sunblock. It's one of God's less-appreciated gifts to mankind.

Anonymous JImmy Pickles Design said...

Hello Jen,

Thank you so much for such a lovely write up! You have truly captured the feeling that I have for each of my items. Your blog is a delight!
Best Wishes,

Blogger Jen said...

Thanks, Cherie! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing your work here. :)

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