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Have you all been reading the "selling at the market" series over at Fluffy Flowers? It's terrific, and if you're an artist-crafter, sure to be of great value to you. Felicia is doing a wonderful service to the many artists out there...take advantage of it. ;) (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. She's not skimping.)

I'm very excited today. While there's still major upset occurring regarding the selection of a bedroom wall colour (I'm about to start mixing my own), I'm proud to announce that all of my clothing is in the same room. Hurrah!

You see, prior to this weekend (when we finished the inside of the closet), all of our clothing has been scattered about the house: mine was upstairs, in the coat closet, in the spare bedroom closet, and the studio closet (it's an older home, hence the rather small closets, plus I suppose it's nice to give Hubby a spot for his duds as well, so we were sharing closets). Thankfully, though, we've remedied the situation with a mostly finished closet (it lacks doors, but we're planning to salvage & re-stain some beautiful old ones from Construction Junction), and all of my stuff is in one place. To be honest, it's a little confusing after so many months of having to run from room to room gathering my things...but it's a nice confusing.

It's another Monday, and another day when I cannot simply choose one thing from a seller's store because of the sheer cute involved. After squealing over the sweet, pretty things at Random Nicole, I've narrowed it down to 2 items.

First is this lucky duck tee in olive green. It's got a pretty ribbon trim on the collar and a very long-legged duck wading through recycled thread grass. As a big ric-rac nut (you've NO idea, it's like crack to me except I happily hoard the stuff), I love his ric-rac legs and the sparkly rhinestone eye. $59, though there's a long-sleeved versoin in fuschia for $61.

If you don't like ducks or fuschia, how about this long-sleeved daisy shirt? We've got more fabulous ric-rac and a daisy that's clearly gotten a healthy dose of sunshine despite the dreary weather. The leaves are made of lace, and there's a vintage vinyl flower serving as the bloom's center. $61, and there's a green cap-sleeved version available for $59.

Both tees are on lightweight jersey cotton: very comfy.

What speaks to me most about Nicole's work is the joy and whimsical spirit that shines through every piece. All of her clothing is very cute, very fun, and very artistic, yet it all has a sweet, unassuming mood about it. Just looking at her line is inspirational! She's got clothing for men and crumb-crunchers too, so be sure to stop in.



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