Delightful Combination

Much of the time, it seems simple is best, particularly in an age when everyone is often overburdened with a million different things to get done and being bombarded with information from all sides. I'm not surprised that design is exhibiting clean, simple lines. Colours are more prevalent, but even then we only see one or two colours at a time in products, as opposed to the riotous multi-tones of years past. There's comfort to be found in these cheery but simple products.

Jewelry is no exception, and this lovely carnelian necklace topped off with a pretty silver leaf (makes me think of a mallorn leaf, to tell the truth). The combination of deep, rich red with the silver toggle clasp is pretty, elegant, and unfussy.

Handmade by Irma of IvCreations, this necklace is just $34.



Blogger txmom2jami said...

I just finished reading your sister's blog ... I think the "plant lady" would like this! :) It's just lovely.

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