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Oftentimes, I'll browse about until I see something and say (out loud on occasion) "Oh, how very pretty!" This Asian-themed Dynasty necklace is one of those items. The bright coral red, the warm green, the metal coin...it all combines beautifully and perfectly for a truly lovely, elegant, colourful piece of jewelry. It's just an uplifting, lively necklace that isn't all Ronald McDonald house. The faux Cinnabar pendant adds feminine sweetness to the whole thing, don't you think?

It also caught my interest to learn all of the metalwork on this necklace is bronze. The flip side of the coin bears two sparring dragons.

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace is from Goddess Joy, and a mere $20; she has a coordinating bracelet too. All of her work is sophisticated; I detect an up-and-coming designer!



Anonymous goddessjoy said...

Thank you! I was just checking links and found this flattering article. Funny thing...I made this necklace, and had planned on taking it apart and not even listing it. But, on photo day, I wanted to at least get a shot of it for my own records...and it just screamed to be listed that day.

Love your blog! Another one to add to the links. :)

aka goddessjoy

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