Red, White, And Pink Week

Bonus points to anyone who tried re-finishing that sentence with "Red, White, and Blaine". No, really (there are simply not enough fans of that man in the world, are there?).

All right, it being Valentine's week, I thought I'd bow a little to the commercialism and at least make everything red and pink. Let's face it (or, as Mara Liasson would say, "Look!"), pink is almost universally flattering. My (2) bridesmaids revolted at the idea of green, or pink and orange, so...pink was an automatic default. Red is one of my favourite colours, and it appears I'm hardly alone (though plain ol' red is the twelfth favourite Crayola colour).

I'll start with red. Tonight we have a lovely, romantic vintage blouse in a fire-engine red. Better yet? It's all in lace. The classic sweetness and femininity of lace are just about eternal, and it's just as perfect to wear on a date as it is for a night with the girls or taking yourself out to the movies and ice cream. Lace is one of those things that can be straight-laced and conservative, at home with a ladylike skirt or dress pants, or equally gorgeous and chic with jeans or a khaki skirt. Talk about your multitaskers!

Yes, another square neckline. Lovely.

This fully-lined blouse from Item Vintage zips up the back and, again, is fully-lined (yay). The seller suspects this will fit a size 6 best, with its measurements of 37" bust and a 28" waist. $20.

Check out the rest of the shop, too...there's a sweet vintage butterfly-print dress in a beautiful print in a larger size, as well as a cotton voile dress with a pleated skirt.

Have a great night!

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