Something really different

There is a plethora of brooches and pins from indie artists of all shapes, designs, styles, and colours. Definitely something for everyone! But oftentimes something especially sweet or pretty or unique pops up, and this hand-embroidered silk brooch from Contemporary Stitches is just one of those treats. It almost looks like a tasty confection, doesn't it? One almost expects to see a tray of them at a tony bakery to celebrate the advent of spring.

As it is, though, this is a calorie-free but still long-lasting little treat. The 4x4cm round brooch has been beautifully embroidered with light, airy, springy colours perfect for perking us all up in these final, dreary days of winter. Not only is this perfect for pinning to your clothing, it would also look quite charming tacked onto a cloth headband.

Just $12, and the selection at this shop is quite nice. Her work truly is beautiful and worth looking at for its own sake alone.



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