Fun Friday: Very cute Very Vintage

So sorry I didn't post last night...Not sure what happened, really! Things are still pretty sad around here and a little hectic. What makes it really strange is I actually had an item picked! Go figure.

It is a blessing to have so many people sending kind words of encouragement and love at this time. Years ago, the loss of a pet wasn't understood as well as it is today, where many are single or have no children and find pets a comfort as much as the furballs are a pleasure. We feel fortunate to have so many people who've sent notes and prayers our way.

I hope giving you a handful of fun little trinkets makes up for it. Each of these is from Very Vintage, purveyor of all sorts of things that remind me of the 50s, with the sweet, confection-ish colours and adorable themes.

You'll find everything from food to critters on Very Vintage's barrettes, clips, earrings, necklaces, brooches and other goodies. Everything is cheerful, light, and a wee bit cheeky, not to mention super well-priced. Any one of these pieces would make a great treat for yourself or a friend, and are sure to bring a smile to many a face.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay safe to those of you in the parts of the country getting hit with inclement weather. Perhaps this shall be the last such weekend before spring arrives.

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