Grape-a-licious Vintage Apron

Check out this cheerful and sweet vintage apron
at Joyful Abode. I'm in one of those odd stages, one in which things lilac and violet hold a strong attraction over me...much like last year's turquoise and red phase. (Consider yourself warned.) Let's put it this way: of the three unpainted rooms in the home, the smallest one is in danger of being forever hated by my husband because someone is thinking it might look really nice in a pale, neutral shade of lilac. My girlfriends should love it, though...

Regardless, I think lilac and its sister shades make us think happy, vibrant, springy thoughts. If I recall, Mozart or Bach felt the colour was conducive to clear thinking and worked in a lilac-painted room. It's hard to deny the sprightly, airy nature of lilac; why wouldn't we want it in our kitchens? This pretty apron is perfect for serving up Easter brunch, baking cupcakes, or whipping up the first lemonade of the season (it can never be too soon for that). It would also make a wonderful Mother's Day gift. $26.

There are roughly a dozen other vintage aprons at Joyful Abode, as well as darling handsewn and hand-embroidered baby blankets (so cute!), zipper pouches, and a few other surprises. Enjoy your shopping!



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